Trackwork for 16 Feb 2023
Inner Sand
600 M
  Royal Treasure (Farid Ansari) 600/43 Moved well.
  Dark Son (A.M. Alam) 600/42 Worked well.
  Timeless Romance (Farid Ansari) 600/40 In pink condition.
3Y Sparkle N Shine (RB) 600/44 Moved well.
  Trending Princess (Koshi Kumar) 600/43 Both moved together.
  Regal Kid (Inayat)  
Race For The Stars (Rajendra Singh) 600/41 Moved impressively.
Sweet Fragrance (Koshi Kumar) 600/44 Moved well.
A Wink Annda Smile (Inderjeet. K) 600/43 Worked well.
Pirate's Love (Farhan Alam) 600/39 Impressed.
800 M
Glorious Destiny (RB) 800/57 600/42 Worked well.
3Y I Want It All (RB) 800/54 600/39 Excelled.
  Outer Sand
600 M
3Y Florence (Manikandan) 600/45 Easy.
3Y Asio (Yash. N) 600/36 Former finished 5 lengths in front.
  Alexander (M. Bhaskar)  
3Y Into The Storm (S. Kamble) 600/40 Moved on the bit.
  Cloud Jumper (RB) 600/38.5 Moved fluently.
800 M
  Pense'e (A.M. Alam) 800/49.5 600/36.5 Ignore his last run.
3Y Advaita (S.A. Amit) 800/52/37 Latter finished 2 lengths in front.
3Y Golder Warrior (M. Bhaskar)