Chennai Riding School

Chennai Riding School (CRS) is a Division of Madras Race Club, which is the oldest Race club in India ,established in 1777.

Riding has been popular for many years in Chennai and this sport has been supported by the many industrialists and racing fraternity of Chennai.At CRS we believe in teaching the basics of riding thereby giving a very strong foundation which is very important for a rider to continue in this sport and also to be part of equestrian events held in Tamilnadu and other states.CRS is also in the process of setting up a polo wing one of its kind in Chennai ,thereby giving an opportunity for their riders to experience this royal sport.CRS is also planning to set up a premium Apprentice Jockey Training Centre in Chennai wherein a jockey is taught and trained in all the basic aspects of racing .CRS is one place for anyone who is interested in this sport to experience both casual ,competitive and professional riding. CRS also gives their riders to be part of Polo which is considered as a royal sport.Come and be a part of this sport which is available in the heart of the city.

Chennai Riding School (CRS) promises horse riding in a way you've always dreamed of. We can make all of your riding fantasies come true because riding with us is truly fun, exciting, and adventurous!

Horse riding is a kings sport.... and its always fascinating to learn and ride on horse, but in a city like ours, where country side view is out of reach, and with hectic life style... we have come up, to make your dream come true, with the majestic, magnificent Horses. Chennai Riding School gives you exhilarating and unforgettable experience

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