Trackwork for 14 Feb 2023


Inner Sand
600 M
  Danny's Girl (RB) 600/43.5 Moved well.
  Presto Power (Koshi Kumar) 600/43.5 Moved well.
  Cedar Wood (RB) 600/43 Moved well.
3Y Golder Warrior (S.A. Amit) 600/42 Moved fluently.
  Royal Monarch (Farid Ansari) 600/42.5 Moved fluently.
Beauty Of The Turf (Rajendra Singh) 600/41 Moved fluently.
  Royal Aristocrat (Shyam Kumar) 600/43 Stretched.
800 M
Divina (C.A. Brisson) 800/57 600/43.5 Moved well.
Turf Beauty (Farid Ansari) 800/56 600/41 Moved fluently.
Karadeniz (RB) 800/54.5 600/42 Stretched.
Cloud Jumper (Farhan Alam) 800/57 600/43 Worked well.
Wonderful Era (Farhan Alam) 800/53 600/39.5 Moved Impressively.
  Ziana (Dharshan. A) 800/55 600/40.5 Both moved impressively.
3Y Etenal Pearl (M. Bhaskar)  
1000 M
  Angelino (Koshi Kumar) 1000/1-7.5 800/54.5 600/41.5 Moved impressively.
  Outer Sand
600 M  
Pacific (Manikandan) 600/42.5 Worked well.
3Y Perfect Blend (RB) 600/41 Moved well.
3Y Velu Nachiyar (RB) 600/38 Moved fluently.
  Prince Purple (Farhan Alam) 600/38 Both moved fluently.
  Zucardi (Koshi Kumar)  
3Y Sparkle N Shine (P.S. Kaviraj) 600/36.5 Former better.
3Y Made In Heaven (RB)  
800 M
3Y Seminole Wind (Farhan Alam) 800/51 600/37.5 Moved fluently.
3Y Happiness (C.A. Brisson) 800/51.5 600/37 Both moved impressively.
  Royal Falcon (RB)  
3Y Sensations (RB) 800/51.5 600/37 Former finished 4 lengths in front.
  Martingale RB  
3Y Smash Shot (RB) 800/53 600/39 Both Moved well.
3Y Diamond Gold (Inderjeet. K)  
  Romualdo (A.M. Alam) 800/53.5 600/38.5 Both moved together.
  Emperor Ashoka (P. Saikumar)  
3Y Spacecraft (RB) 800/54.5 600/40 Both moved together.
3Y Fashionista (Dharshan. A)  
  Shez R Star (RB) 800/55 600/41 Both moved together.
3Y Gimmler (Inderjeet. K)  
1000 M
Planet Venus (Yash. N) 1000/1-15 800/58 600/40 Retains form.
  Grand Royal (RB) 1000/1-7 800/52 600/37 Moved impressively.
  Zaneta (RB) 1000/1-5 800/53 600/36.5 Both moved impressively.
  Augusta (RB)  
  Windsor Walk (RB) 1000/1-8.5 800/55 600/38.5 Both moved well.
3Y Anzio (RB)
3Y Run Happy Run (RB) 1000/1-11 800/55 600/39 Both moved together.
  Magnetism (RB)  
3Y Call Me (RB) 1000/1-10.5 800/54 600/38 Both Moved fluently.
  A Wink Annda Smile (Inderjeet. K)  
3Y Ruling Star (M. Bhaskar) 1000/1-4 800/50 600/36.5 Former moved impressively.
Sonic Dash (S.A. Amit)
3Y Find Promise (Dharshan. A) 1000/1-9 800/55 600/41 Both worked well.
3Y Gajabo Grande (RB)  
3Y Wolf Creek (A.M. Alam) 1000/1-5 800/51 600/37 Both moved impressively.
  Anatolia (Farhan Alam)  
Gate Practice / Inner Sand
2000 M
3Y Supreme Grandeur (Shyam Kumar) (2000-1600) 23, Both jumped out well, first named dropped the rider.
  Royal Mayfair (Farid Ansari)  
  Mr Mozart (RB) (2000-1400) 40.5, Both jumped out well, 
  Sangavai (Dharshan. A)  
  The Sting (Inayat) (2000-1400) 48, Both jumped out well, 
  Safety (RB)  
  Carnoustie (Farhan Alam) (2000-1400) 50, All jumped out well, 
3Y Bomber Jet (Koshi Kumar)  
3Y Tale of A Champion / Mountain Stream (RB)  
3Y Precious Grey (S. Kamble) (2000-1400) 36, Last name sluggish Start.
3Y Kanya Rashi (P.S. Kaviraj)  
  Touch Of Fury ()  
3Y Nicobar (RB) (2000-1400) 39.5, Both jumped out well, 
3Y One Luck Dane / Capriani (RB)  
  Rwanda (RB) (2000-1600) 28, Former whipped around, Latter jumped out well.
3Y Whisper Of Hope (RB)
3Y Cherokee Run (RB) (2000-1400) 38, Both jumped out well, 
  Glorious Victory (RB)