Trackwork for 07 Feb 2023
Outer Sand
600 M
Star Of Liberty (Farid Ansari) 600/37 Moved impressively.
Priceless Treasure (Farid Ansari) 600/38.5 Moved fluently.
Slainte (A.M. Alam) 600/35.5 Ignore her failure.
Andorra (Dashrath Singh) 600/37.5 Moved fluently.
Rubirosa (Farhan Alam) 600/36.5 Moved Impressively.
3Y Seminole Wind (Farhan Alam) 600/38 Moved fluently.
Mr Mozart (S. Imran) 600/39 Both moved together
3Y Celeste (Dharshan. A)
3Y Multicrown (S. Kabdhar) 600/37 Former finished 4 lengths in front.
Annexed (RB)
3Y Anzio (RB) 600/39 Both moved well.
3Y Rinello (RB)
My Opinion (S. Kabdhar) 600/37 Former finished well ahead.
Sinatra (koshi Kumar)
Dear Lady (Farhan Alam) 600/37.5 Former finished 5 lengths in front.
Ganton (A.M. Alam)
3Y Wolf Creek (Farhan Alam) 600/37.5 Former finished 4 lengths in front.
3Y Sensations (A.M. Alam)
Inner Sand
600 M
Empress Royal (Farid Ansari) 600/41 Retains Form.
Price Striker (RB) 600/43.5 Moved well.
Hallucinate (Farid Ansari) 600/41 Moved impressively.
Nightjar (Rajendra Singh) 600/41 Impressed.
3Y Yellow Sapphire (koshi Kumar) 600/43.5 Moved well.
Price Striker (RB) 600/43.5 Moved well.
Ibrahimovic (P.S. Kaviraj) 600/44.5 Both moved neck & neck.
Mastery (S. Kamble)
800 M
Beauty Of The Turf (Farhan Alam) 800/53.5 600/41.5 Moved fluently.
1000 M
Be Calm (koshi Kumar) 1000/1-7 800/51.5 600/37 Moved well.