Trackwork for 20 Jan 2023
Outer Sand
600 M
Arc De Triomphe (S.Kamble) 600/40 Moved on the bit.
800 M
Fun Storm (Farid Ansari) 800/59 600/40.5 Worked well.
3Y Happiness (A.M.Alam) 800/55 600/38 Former started 2 length behind & easily finished 5 length in front.
Authentic Bell (RB)
Inner Sand
600 M
3Y Royal Supremacy (Sham Kumar) 600/42.5 Both Handy & Finished level.
3Y Helen Of Troy (Farid Ansari)
3Y Bomber Jet (RB) 600/44.5 Both moved together.
3Y Whisper Of Hope (Koshi Kumar)
3Y Cloudy Hills (S.Kamble) 600/42.5 Moved fluently.
800 M
3Y Hall Of Grace (P.S.Kaviraj) 800/58 600/43.5 Both Moved impressively.
3Y Nash Vegas (Dashrath Singh)
3Y Ruling Star (M.Bhaskar) 800/58.5 600/41.5 Former  pleased, easily finished 3 length in front.
3Y Pure For Sure (Dharshan.A)