Chennai Riding School

Chennai Riding School - Chennai (CRS), is India's premier horse riding school, run according to British Horse Society (BHS) standards. Our in the city campus is in Velachery.

Serious about riding? So are we. We are the Chennai Riding School, which provides the chance to ride, learn all aspects of riding, train to compete at national competitions. We encourage riders of all ages who strive to achieve the highest standards in horse riding, as well as their appreciation and understanding of the horse. We enthusiastically volunteer our time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels. We offer riding classes for beginners, pony rides for kids from the age of 3 onwards, and train our committed riders to compete in dressage, showjumping and Eventing

Chennai Riding School (CRS) promises horse riding in a way you've always dreamed of. We can make all of your riding fantasies come true because riding with us is truly fun, exciting, and adventurous!

Horse riding is a kings sport.... and its always fascinating to learn and ride on horse, but in a city like ours, where country side view is out of reach, and with hectic life style... we have come up, to make your dream come true, with the majestic, magnificent Horses. Chennai Riding School gives you exhilarating and unforgettable experience